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Improving the air quality in your home....

Indoor plants have without doubt been a trend over the last 4 - 5 years in interiors. We have certainly seen a revival of many of the 60's, 70's and even 80's style house plants. Not only are indoor plants easier and much more cost effective than a constant supply of fresh flowers, they help purify the air. Indoor plants remove many of the toxic fumes that our furniture, carpet, toys and building materials produce. NASA completed a study to look at the best plants to clean the air, with the idea of taking them into space to improve the air for the astronauts. Here is a summary of what they found with the Peace Lilly & Chrysanthemum coming out on...

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Spring Styling

With the weather warming up it is the perfect time of year move a few things around and re-style you home to change the look of your space. You don't need to spend much, if you don't wish to, to reinvigorate you space. Here are a few tips to get you started and below these some suggested suppliers: Start with a good dust and declutter, this alone can change the look of the space and also clear the way for some fresh spring blooms. Choose some fresh flowers and place them in key areas in the house. Some suggested ares are... The entry, dinning room, living area, bedroom and bathrooms.  When selecting flowers in spring be mindful of anyone living in...

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 Living with Natural Fibres 

Wherever and whenever you can it really is best to use natural fibres in your home, from curtains, carpets, flooring, sofas, rugs, linen, towels and even clothing. These are all things that we are sharing our air with and living amongst or using daily. That is why our range of rugs have been hand woven using a quality grade of pure wool. Although cotton is also natural and a wonderful fibre, we use wool for our rugs because not only does wool look better but most importantly it wears better. Over time wool is far more durable as it has a natural lanolin that protects the wool and helps to repel against dirt. Cotton however, can absorb the dirt far easier than...

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Calm Children's rooms

One of the my favourite areas of interior design and styling is children's rooms. Not only is every child and therefore every room different, there is now so much available in order to create a unique room for any child, big or small. I think colour is important but it is also important to keep a check on this, a neutral palette is a great starting point, then subtle colour can be introduced bit by bit.  Keep the more spontaneous, trend driven or age specific items to toys, cushions, maybe some affordable artwork and I find a pillow case can be a great source of excitement and change without having to buy a whole new sheet set, a great gift. These are the...

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Summer stock warming up our winter

The one things I love about being ahead a season, is ordering and receiving beautiful summer stock in Winter. At the moment we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our beautiful Mexican Beach Blankets. These are a great product with a great story. The lovely lighty woven beach blankets are made in Mexico, using the softest traditional Mexican fabrics. Created by a husband and wife team in beautiful Sayulita, Mexico. Their beach blankets are inspired by a Mexican fabric traditionally used in interiors in Mexican houses. They are a wonderful oversized beach blanket, a great table cloth, curtain or throw over a bed or sofa. We can't wait to share them with you. Amy x 

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