Calm Children's rooms

One of the my favourite areas of interior design and styling is children's rooms. Not only is every child and therefore every room different, there is now so much available in order to create a unique room for any child, big or small.

I think colour is important but it is also important to keep a check on this, a neutral palette is a great starting point, then subtle colour can be introduced bit by bit. 

Keep the more spontaneous, trend driven or age specific items to toys, cushions, maybe some affordable artwork and I find a pillow case can be a great source of excitement and change without having to buy a whole new sheet set, a great gift. These are the things that can easily change over the years at not too much expense.

Also don't be afraid not to use colour, a children's room ideally needs to be calm and comfortable. A sanctuary for sleep. We often associate children with bright colours and feel it is necessary to constantly surround them with this, it is not. They have lots of colour in other of areas of their lives and can experience this through play, toys, clothes and their own art and creativity.

The neon trends over the years have seen a huge increase in multi coloured psychedelic rooms, many of which I feel are not only going to date quickly but are certainly not calming.

So - to recap....

  • Keep the colour palate calm and neutral.
  • Add pops of colour with changeable items, to adapt to desired trends and age
  • Use artwork and subtle colours that feature things your child loves, make it personal.
  • Think about the longevity of the room and how it can grow with the child, pick items that they will have for a long time and make sure they will last (physically and in terms of style).
  • Keep it simple, you can then add and layer until you get it right.
  • Use lamps for subtle reading or night lighting.
  • An indoor plant can look great but also help combat any toxins in the room and produce healthier air for your little one to breathe.
  • Try and keep play and study areas separate to sleeping, books and a few toys are great, but keep the main work / play outside their bedroom, if you can!

We specifically designed our range of Polka Dot Rugs for Children's rooms, the colours and design is lasting in style and age, a piece they can have in their rooms from Birth and beyond. Make with 100% Pure Wool, hand woven, they are a beautiful piece to treasure and offer warmth, acoustics and are much easier than cotton to keep clean.

Get the kids involved and have fun!!

Amy x

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