Escaping Winter? Our top packing tips...

It is that time of year in Australia, where many lucky travelers are heading north or overseas seeking warmer weather.

So here are some of our packing tips:

  • Start with good luggage, luggage you can easily manage on your own. Up and down steps or down cobbled streets, you never know what you are going to encounter and logistics are always less stressful with manageable luggage.
  • Zip-up handbag, on the plane and traveling you need a bag you can easily zip up and avoid important things falling out of your bag. Especially as you drift off to sleep with your bag under a seat with other peoples feet, blankets, water bottles and random items that travel back to your seat over the duration of the flight!
  • Take a compact bag you can easily stash away, but bring out for day trips or extra hand luggage. Something like a this compact bag, that can fit in your pocket but holds something as big and heavy as a bowling ball!
  • Pack in compartments to make living out of a suitcase easy, this also means having a place for dirty laundry. We use these travel bags as they are light, come is a set of different size and also zip up!
  • A light cotton towel or blanket, something like a Mexican Beach Blanket that is compact can be used to over shoulders, to sit on, over a pram, as a light blanket or of course at the beach.
  • Lastly, the hardest part, clothing. Pack items that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits as well as being adaptable to day and night. We love the cotton basics from Bassike or for something a little more affordable you can mix and match from Country Road or Seed Heritage, or even Bonds & Cotton On who all have cute and comfortable cotton tops, pants and dresses that great for travel.

Here are some images to inspire you....

Mexican beach blankets, light, roll-able and handy as a light blanket on your bed, over your shoulders or legs and also of course on the beach.


Flip & Tumble Travel Bags, perfect for separating all your essentials on the plane and in your luggage.


Flip & Tumble 24/7 Bags, a bag that rolls into a ball is a travel must.


Mexican Beach Bags, bright, light and big enough to pop all your beach goodies in. It also stands out on the sand!

Happy & safe travels x

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