At this time of year we are always a little more interested in fireplaces. Why, because this is when we use them and therefore when we focus on them.

So... ive compiled some different types of fireplaces - some traditional, some modern and some that are more unusual.

This is a simple, clean and large fireplace that could work in a mid century or contemporary style home. Fresh white brick features strongly here and a floor to ceiling wood area creates texture and interest. This looks fantastic, however, only provided you have a contestant supply of timber. For less or more realistic supply, shelves could be used for the top 2/3's of this area.


A rolling iron gate style fire guard offers a practical and interesting protection and works well with the board marked concrete used for the surround. A contemporary, slightly industrial take that I like very much.


A clean and simple take on traditional fireplaces, with panelling and wood work detailing this fireplace is simple yet beautiful and could work in a large range of homes.


A freestanding floor to ceiling unit works well in this minimal space, the room has no unnecessary detail and therefore neither does the fireplace. It has an elegant slim profile and the cylindrical shape gives it a point of interest and makes it a little more subtle, without sharp edges, a sense of ease.


Concrete has certainly seen a revival in recent years and I am sure we can all see why, it is readily available, not always expensive and a fairly neutral in appeal. Some see it as cold and some as too industrial, however I think there is a lot that can be done with concrete and this is a simple and contemporary take on a traditional fireplace. A contemporary yet simple design that should last the test of time.


An amazing tiled wall and the circular opening seems to feel as though it has just organically formed. You would need the right kind of space and a particular feel to the building or room, but this is inspiring and certainly a lovely twist on the usual square or rectangular fireplace.


This is such an incredible room, the windows are quite amazing and I like how the round fireplace echoes the round windows and works so well within the space.

All images are taken from Pinterest and I have lots of more fireplace and interior inspiration on our Pinterest boards, so take a look!


Amy x

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