Living with Natural Fibres 

Wherever and whenever you can it really is best to use natural fibres in your home, from curtains, carpets, flooring, sofas, rugs, linen, towels and even clothing.

These are all things that we are sharing our air with and living amongst or using daily.

That is why our range of rugs have been hand woven using a quality grade of pure wool.

Although cotton is also natural and a wonderful fibre, we use wool for our rugs because not only does wool look better but most importantly it wears better.

Over time wool is far more durable as it has a natural lanolin that protects the wool and helps to repel against dirt. Cotton however, can absorb the dirt far easier than wool. Therefore wool holds and shows less dirt, is easier to clean, is fire retardant, more environmentally friendly, warmer and more acoustic. 

So just a note to keep in mind when selecting items for your home, it is the air you breath and the environment you spend a large percentage of your time, even if it is just sleeping!! 


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