Spring Styling

With the weather warming up it is the perfect time of year move a few things around and re-style you home to change the look of your space.

You don't need to spend much, if you don't wish to, to reinvigorate you space.

Here are a few tips to get you started and below these some suggested suppliers:

  • Start with a good dust and declutter, this alone can change the look of the space and also clear the way for some fresh spring blooms.
  • Choose some fresh flowers and place them in key areas in the house. Some suggested ares are... The entry, dinning room, living area, bedroom and bathrooms. 
  • When selecting flowers in spring be mindful of anyone living in your house who suffers from hayfever, your florist might be able to help you choose less sneezy options or if in doubt green foliage is always lovely. 
  • If you are not into flowers and changing water and arrangements regularly, there is a huge range of indoor plans that can give some greenery and life to your space, help clean the air and are easy to care for. 
  • Think about how you use your space in the warmer months. Do you need to move any furniture or change things around to make the most of the outdoor areas?
  • If any rooms do work in another configuration, especially kids rooms, change things around and give the room a new feel physically as well as aesthetically.
  • Wash or dry-clean and put away any large wintery blankets and cushion covers and bring out the lighter blankets and summery or lighter coloured cushions.
  • Rotate and vacuum your mattress and put some fresh white or lighter coloured sheets on, even a subtle summery stripe can be nice.
  • Pieces like our Mexican Beach Blankets can look great over beds, sofas or as a table cloth. A really simple styling piece that is practical and has a summer feel. Easy to store and bring out and change the look of a room instantly.


My favourite florists in Melbourne:

The Fresh Flower Man

Flowers Vasette

Kate Hill Flowers

Flawless Flowers, Prahran Market

Where I go for indoor plans and accessories:

Ivy Muse

Gills Nursery

Some places for cushions and accessories:

Cabin & Castle

Home by Tribal


Safari Living

Fenton & Fenton



Have fun and happy spring styling!!

Amy x



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