Large Polka Dot Rug
Large Polka Dot Rug

Cabin & Castle

Large Polka Dot Rug


Made to Order

Designed with stylish kids rooms in mind, we carefully selected each colour to be more stylish and earthy than colours typical used in kids rooms, so that it can grow with the child and all the changes that their room will see over time.

That said, it certainly doesn't have to be just for the kids, it can be used in any room or setting you like and could even be used as a wall hanging.


Flat weave rug, handwoven in India using pure wool.

Being custom made, this rug is available in any size you like.

However, we have a range of suggested sizes:

90 x 150cm

150 x 200cm

180 x 240cm

200 x 300cm

250 x 300cm

Being hand dyed and hand woven, each piece is unique and varies from the images shown. Colour and sizes can vary and depending on the weave the size can naturally vary a few cm's from the size quoted. 

Why Wool over Cotton?
Our rugs are made from wool rather than cotton because not only does wool look better but most importantly it wears better. Over time wool is far more durable as it has a natural lanolin that protects the wool and helps to repel against dirt. Cotton however, can absorb the dirt far easier than wool. Therefore wool holds and shows less dirt, is easier to clean, is naturally fire retardant, healthy, more environmentally friendly, warmer and more acoustic. 


These rugs are custom made to order.

Once your order is placed delivery will be made within approximately 8 - 14 weeks. We can give you a more accurate time frame once your order is placed. Please contact us if you wish to inquire about delivery before placing your order.


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